Wholesale Orders

Marissa offers wholesale orders for businesses on all of her art prints! Beadwork and original paintings are not available for wholesale orders or consignment.

Businesses must purchase a minimum of 20 prints to receive wholesale prices. This can be 20 5x7 art prints, 20 8.5x11 art prints, or a mixture of both!

Wholesale prices are 40% off the retail price.  

If purchasing 75 or more art prints you will receive 50% off of the retail price.

Businesses located outside of Sault Ste.Marie Ontario will have to pay shipping on their wholesale order. If you are in Sault Ste.Marie Ontario, Marissa will deliver the order to you at your business location!


 If you would like to order wholesale art prints for your business please contact Marissa using the forum below!


If you have any questions please email Marissa at marissa.indoe@gmail.com.

Wholesale Request