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 Shop Policies & FAQ

Shipping Policies

- When selecting untracked shipping in Canada or the USA Marissa is not liable for lost shipments and cannot provide a refund if the package is lost.  Lettermail shipping in Canada and untracked parcels to the USA DO NOT have liability coverage.


Tracked parcels have liability coverage. If your package has tracking and the postal service loses the package Marissa can provide a full refund on the item you purchased (excluding shipping costs). 

- If you place an order and your address is incomplete (ex. missing apartment number) and the item is returned to Marissa, the customer is responsible for paying for the shipping costs to re send the package.

PLEASE double check your information at checkout before submitting your order. If you notice a mistake when you receive the order confirmation email, please notify Marissa ASAP.

- All orders will be shipped in 1-5 business days unless otherwise stated.

Earring Care 

- My beadwork should always be worn with respect, especially beadwork that contains medicine (sweetgrass). My earrings that contain medicine should NEVER be worn when you are drinking, using any kind of drugs, partying, or going out to the bar. Medicine needs to be treated with respect at all times. If you purchase my work you must respect and follow this protocol. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

- To protect the integrity of the earrings please refrain from getting them wet! Do not wear earrings while showering, washing your face, outside during heavy rain and snowfall, or anywhere they may get wet. 

-Water may cause the varnish used on the centres to become cloudy over time.
Water may also cause the sweetgrass to soften leading to breakage over time and may cause damage to the shape of the rabbit fur pompoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "I'm not indigenous, can I purchase your beadwork?" 
A: Absolutely!! My beadwork is made for everyone to enjoy regardless of your race or ethnicity! All I ask is that you always wear my work with respect and adhere to my earring care guidelines around substance use and environments where my work is not permitted to be worn.

Q: "Do you accept custom orders?"
A: Currently I am not taking on any custom orders. I do not know when/if I will re open my custom orders.

Q: "Do you sell your painted centres for others to use?"
A: No. I do not sell my centers and they are NOT PERMITTED to be remade. All of my work is my intellectual property and should not be copied ever.  


If you have any questions or need help with an order please email me at:

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