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Custom Orders

Marissa accepts custom orders for graphic design & digital art projects, as well as beadwork orders of 5 or more items, or individual pairs for bridal earrings only.

Digital Art Comissions

Digital art/graphic design commissions can be made for a wide variety of purposes!

Marissa has worked with architects and a team at George Brown College in Ontario to create designs for a perforated metal fence at their new campus extension "limber lost place". She has designed graphics for a knowledge resource deck with Indigenous Youth Roots, has designed business cards (including her own), and has lots of experience creating digital designs to make art prints for her own business.

Marissa is open to taking on any custom digital artwork project you may have for your business or organization!


Graphic design projects made with the intent of reproducing the artwork are subject to licensing fees (these fees vary based on the size of the project and what you plan to do with the images). Reproduction is for business/organization use only.

Reproducing images with the intent of selling and/or profiting off of Marissa's designs are not allowed.

Marissa does not offer copyright transfer / full ownership of her designs.

Beadwork Commissions

Beadwork commissions are available for orders of 5 or more items, bridal party sets, or individual earrings for brides.

For bridal earring sets please have your order ready to submit at least 2.5 months before the day of your wedding.

Marissa focuses on beaded earrings with her hand painted centers. She does not take orders for fringe earrings or earrings without her painted centers.

Beaded earrings start at $95 and go up to $185 or more depending on the earring style and elements such as: fur pompoms, birch bark centers, sweetgrass, removable beaded fringe, etc.

Marissa does not sell her painted centers for others to use and does not give permission for her designs to be copied or replicated.

Custom orders require 50% payment upfront and the remaining 50% payment upon project completion (or as stated within the contract dates).

All orders for customers in Canada are subject to HST or GST for provinces that do not use harmonized sales tax. Tax is based on the province you live in.

George Brown College Fence Design

*Images of the completed fence will be shared when it has been made and put up in Toronto* 

Indigenous Youth Roots Graphics

Bridal Party Earrings