Custom Orders

Marissa takes on a wide variety of commissioned artwork and is always up to try new things! Digital art now available for commissions.

Types of commissions she's done:

  • Traditional Acrylic on Canvas

  • Traditional Watercolour Art

  • Pet Portraits

  • Hand painted bookmarks with lamination

  • Hand painted magnets

  • Hand painted Christmas ornaments

  • Custom denim art

  • Paintings with a high quality professional scan for the customers use (with accreditation for artwork)

If you'd like to purchase a custom piece of artwork send an email in the comment box down below or a direct message on Instagram or Tiktok to discuss a price! All commissions require a down-payment.

(Down-payments are 30% of the total cost).

Gallery wrapped canvases are used for traditional acrylic art, but if you're on a budget a stapled backed canvas or a flat canvas can be used instead!

**When purchasing custom denim you will be required to mail your jacket, shorts, etc. to Marissa and pay the initial shipping fee. There will be no shipping charge when she mails it back to you completed.**

Professional Scans

Marissa has a professional scanner to produce high quality files of artwork with colour restoration and exact PPI. Paintings larger than 9x12 inches are not available for scanning.

Scans are only avaliable if you are purchasing a commissioned piece of artwork and intend on using it for business purposes. Examples include: Logos, Website artwork, Album covers, etc. A $20 fee will be added to the commission total for a scan. 

Multiple scans can be sent with different colour adjustments and touch ups if you are unhappy with the first product, or if you would like multiple scans with different PPI ratios. (No extra charges!)

(Digital art used for business purposes does not require scanning)

If you have any questions or would like a scan with your commission send an email stating your intended use of the scan + your business name.

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