Get To Know Me


My name is Marissa Indoe and I am a 21 year old, indigenous, self-taught artist.
I have developed a style focused on brightly coloured landscapes with natural subject matter, tying my love of nature into my artwork. I find inspiration from simple things around me and constantly try to challenge myself with new ideas and suggestions.

I aim to bring joy to those who see my artwork, but also to find happiness myself through the creative process. I hope to inspire those around me and find a way to make creativity a full time job for myself.

My father's impact on my art

I was fifteen years old when my father unexpectedly committed suicide, causing me to fall into overwhelming major depression, develop major anxiety, and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Painting, drawing, or any hobby felt impossible when my mind was consumed with mental illness.

For almost an entire year I created no artwork (with the exception of school projects). 

My motivation and drive to be creative slowly faded, and knowing this caused my sadness to worsen. This vicious cycle persisted for many years.

One afternoon my eyes met a fiery orange sunset and I felt an indescribable energy and I knew that it was my dad. I remembered all the sunsets we watched together, the ring-of-fire sunflowers we planted, and how he always told me "It's the little things in life that matter".

I felt a creative energy within myself for the first time in years. I had such a strong urge to paint, so I went home and started painting that orange sunset. Each brush stroke felt so easy again, so natural.

I knew it was the start of a new beginning.

It was at this point I started to expand my style with watercolours and get a little more serious about my art. I began studying colour theory and learning painting techniques as often as I could.

I eventually left a very emotionally abusive relationship I had been in for years and used art as my main coping skill. This is when I began painting almost everyday.

Creating art became what grounded me the most, what brought my self confidence back, but mostly importantly what made me feel connected to my dad again. It brought his energy back into my life, it became an amazing coping mechanism, and it helped me reconnect with who I am.

Every time I pick up my paint brushes I think of my father's kindness, motivation, and persistency on me creating art. I remember him making me draw something every time I visited, forcing me to sign and date every piece of work. I also remember the way he so strongly believed in me.

He is the reason I chase sunsets, the reason I embrace everything in life as it comes, but most importantly one of the reason I am pursuing art. I miss him more than anything, but I am so thankful for all the things he taught me and the motivation he has given me as an artist.

Until we meet again


Charles Indoe 11.11.14