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Get To Know The Artist


Marissa Indoe is a 24 year old anishinnabe artist from Chapleau Ojibwe First Nation in Ontario Canada. She is completely self taught in every art discipline she does!

Marissa's creates acrylic and watercolour paintings, beadwork and digital artwork.

She combines her love of painting and beadwork together creating unique beaded jewelry with hand painted centres!

She finds inspiration for her work from nature and her culture!

She aims to bring joy to those who see her work, but also to find happiness herself through the creative process. 

Words from Marissa 

"Why I became an artist"

I've dealt with anxiety for as long as I can remember but didn't get diagnosed until I was 14.

 I struggle with social and generalized anxiety, depression, ptsd, and panic disorder.

I've always used art as a way to ground myself and to cope with my feelings. But I didn't get serious with it until I was nineteen and just left a 4 1/2 year long emotionally abusive relationship after my ex physically abused me. I couldn't sleep properly for 3 weeks because of physical pain and flashbacks, so I started painting extensively.

I created two of my most detailed pieces during this time, spending approximately 24 hours on each piece, and at that point I realized how art had become a therapy for me. So I didn't stop.

I kept painting and decided to start sharing my work on instagram.

But throughout that time I was struggling with alcohol addiction. Drinking everyday to cope with flashbacks of abuse eventually caught up with me. I was having multiple panic attacks every and was in a major depressive episode for months. I stopped painting and being creative because I prioritized drinking over everything in my life.

So in February 2021 I decided to change my life and get sober.

I quit drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, and once again I turned to art. I took up beadwork around this time and started to reconnect with my spirit and indigenous culture. Beadwork has truly been my medicine throughout my sobriety.

Art has become the most therapeutic thing in my life! It has helped me re-find happiness when all I wanted to do was end my life. It has helped me gain confidence, get sober, healthily cope with my feelings, and most importantly: Art has helped me remember who I was before I lost myself to trauma and addiction.

My journey with art has nothing to do with money, sales, or fame. It is simply my pursuit of happiness! I am so grateful for the support I have received, but even if I didn't make a dollar I would still be the artist I am today! 

Chi Miigwetch (Big thanks)

~Marissa Indoe

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